Why Choose Mountain Paradise Real Estate?

We know that having a real estate license does not ensure your peace of mind. The broker/owner of Mountain Paradise Real Estate has over 20 years of successful experience in bringing clients’ real estate dreams to light. From assisting you in your big decisions to taking care of those “little things,” Trisha knows that choosing a property, as well as a broker, is an important and personal decision. That’s why she takes the extra steps to make sure your needs are met both before and after closing. Treating you with the utmost integrity, Trisha knows you are an individual and a friend, not merely a client.

Estes Park: A Cut Above

Whether you have an adventurous spirit, or just like the peace and serenity of nature, Estes Park is the place to be. Encompassed by natural beauty on all sides and engulfed by history, Estes Park has long been the destination of choice for many travelers, and more people are realizing what an amazing place it is to call home. Nothing is quite like that first glimpse of the village from the top of the hill, seeing the almost unreal backdrop of enormous snow-covered peaks juxtaposed with the small cozy town below.

Overlooking the Estes Valley

You will not find the high level of commercialism that overwhelms most other resort destinations, and you will not be inundated by steel and concrete like the ever-sprawling cities. However, you will find an unparalleled connection with both the Rocky Mountains and the thriving wildlife.

There are many activities to enjoy, such as hiking, biking, boating, and fishing during the warmer months, and wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, surprise sales, and Sunday afternoon concerts in the cooler months. In addition, Estes Park has a fairly mild winter, usually receiving only a few substantial snowfalls, which melt rapidly during the subsequent days of sunshine. Summer is even nicer, when the humidity is low and the average temperature is in the upper 70s.

Like a small mine for rare gems, the availability of new properties in the Estes Valley will not last forever, making the area very desirable. The proximity to National Forest land and Rocky Mountain National Park ensures exclusivity in owning Estes property and a consistent quality of life found in few other places. Yet Estes is less than an hour from cities such as Boulder, Loveland, and Fort Collins, and only 70 miles from Denver International Airport.

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